Luxury Villa in Switzerland

Switzerland is very beautiful with some of the most amazing and dreamy views. Of course, living there would be a privilege. Even better, having a vacation home there sounds like a marvelous idea. It could look something like this. Located in Luganese. Switzerland, this villa has a wonderful design and features marvelous views of the nearby mountains and surrounding landscape.

The luxury villa was designed by Attilio Panzeri. It has a simple and modern design. With two main floors and a total surface of 565sq.m (6080sq.ft), the villa also has a 260 sq. m cellar and a separate guest area that measures 90 sq. m/968 sq. ft. The guest quarters can also be used as an office so it’s a versatile and flexible space.

The interior design is refined and stylish throughout the villa. The color palette is simple, featuring a mixture of neutral tones, natural shades and clear and strong contrasts. The interior is very bright.

The floor-to-ceiling windows let natural light invade all the rooms and this makes them feel airy and spacious. This relaxing and peaceful atmosphere is also maintained by the minimalist interior décor and the beautiful selection of textures. There’s a transparency that defines the villa and is not only related to the large windows and glass walls. Also, the beautiful design is extended outdoors as well where you can find a swimming pool and a garage that can accommodate two cars. The covered patio is also a marvelous feature, decorated with taste and style.

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