Luxury house with stone walls and almost entirely made of glass

As you may have noticed, it’s very common for modern and contemporary buildings to feature these huge glass walls and enclosures. It’s out way of reconnecting with nature. Still, it’s not every day you see a house 70% made of glass. Obviously, this is the reason why this residence was named the “Glass House”.

Designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects, the house sits on a 4000 square meter site and has a total floor area of 2500 square meters. This is indeed a very large house. It has an impressive interior with huge rooms and elegant decors. The dining room is enclosed in glass and the master bedroom also features floor-to-ceiling glass walls as well as stunning views.

The interior is exquisite. Natural light is abundant, as expected and the décor is impeccable. We love the fact that, even though the house is mostly made of glass, it offers a very intimate and pleasant ambiance. The materials were used in a very clever way to create a very nice balance and to offer a sense of freedom while also maintaining privacy.

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