Luxury home surrounded by natural beauty in India

Located in Aranya, India, this residence has just been completed. Built in 2013, the house occupies an area of 5,850 square feet. It was designed and built by Modo designs in collaboration with ila Yogesh Choksi who was in charge of interior design and landscaping. Designed as a single-floor structure, the house has a simple and luxurious look. It’s surrounded by beautiful nature and the palm trees that were already existent on the site definitely add to its charm.

The residence was designed in harmony with all natural elements such as the sun, water, air, etc. the layout was designed to offer privacy to all inhabitants while also allowing them to communicate and to feel like they’re part of the same space. The linear organization increases the sense of privacy. The house is basically organized in three zones. The first one is oriented towards the street and it contains the parents’ bedroom, the guest room and the kids’ bedrooms.

There’s a central zone that creates the transition between the other two. This one contains the living area. the third zone is oriented towards the garden and it features the master bedroom, a sitting area and a dining space.

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The property is very chic on the inside where it features a simple and modern décor with a balanced color palette. Also, the exterior is wonderful as well. The garden, the pool and all the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the property provide wonderful views.



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