Luxury Canyon House by Balance Associates

This house is located on the foothills of beautiful Cascade Mountains. It spreads over a large area of 3,000 square foot. This house has 3 divisions i.e. a garage, a bunkhouse and the main cabin. Beautiful mountains surround this house. Freshening air comes from all directions to this house. Wooden floor is present in some parts of this house. You can watch beautiful landscapes from the large windows present in this house. You would fall in love with the interiors of this house. Its beauty offers pleasure to the eyes.

Here’s another modern and very beautiful house, also located in an amazing area, with extraordinary landscape and very beautiful views. Again, this is a very big house, with spacious rooms and plenty of space. It also has a very inviting look, especially the living room. It has a simple décor, a little more traditional, but this is exactly what makes it so inviting and cozy. There’s that very beautiful sofa and armchair that spice up the atmosphere a little with their colorful design.

There’s also a very nice fireplace, a traditional one that uses wood as an energy source. There’s nothing like sitting near the fireplace in a soft and comfortable armchair, reading a book or just relaxing, listening to the sound the wood makes when it’s burning.

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It’s a feeling that you can’t get with modern fixtures, even if you try. So in this case, older is better. Anyway, this is a very beautiful house. It has a beautiful design and a very beautiful interior décor that maintains the same cozy and inviting look throughout the whole house.[designed by balanceassociates



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