Luxury Beverly Hills mansion on a secluded lot with great views

You can find lots of beautiful houses in Beverly Hills and luxury is what defines them all. But they each capture this characteristic in a different way. Some impress with their opulence and some, like the mansion you’re about to take a look at, stand out with their inviting and welcoming style. This is a contemporary house which was designed by Scott Unger.

The mansion sits on a secluded lot which gives it privacy and intimacy. In addition to that, the lot also offers very beautiful views so there’s more than one advantage that comes with the location. On this large site the architect was able to design and build a stunning luxury house with lots of gorgeous features. The interior is spacious and includes a wonderful master suite with its own cocktail bar and sitting room, a spa with massage room, steam room, as well as four bedrooms and seven full bathrooms.

Other wonderful features include the outdoor pool, the deck, ten garage bays and a relaxing hot tub. The interior is simply beautiful, with hardwood flooring throughout, large windows, glass walls and elegant furniture and accent details. There are two fireplaces in the house and they both contribute to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

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