Luxurious Vancouver Residence Offers Grandeur And Sophistication

Situated in the posh Cantenbury Estates in West Vancouver, this stunning residence impresses with both its magnificent views and stylish design. It’s a high-class residence with beautiful outdoor spaces and elegant indoor areas. The open pool area perfect for entertainment, outdoor parties or BBQ sessions.

The interior is just as stunning. The décor is sophisticated, featuring columns of Mediterranean inspiration, cherry wood furniture and a combination of modern and classical elements. The family room is spacious and very inviting. It has a cozy look with a fireplace and a comfy lounge area. The wood and limestone flooring throughout the residence adds texture and elegant to each room.

There’s also an artistic feel throughout the house. The cherry wood furniture gains a beautiful dark stain over time and the decorations are all carefully chosen and strategically placed to create focal points and to complement the spaces.

Overall, the interior is luxurious and sophisticated and there’s a feeling of grandeur throughout. It’s definitely not an ordinary house. In addition, the views are stunning and can be admired from the outdoor lounge aera as well as from inside through the large windows and glass walls.

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