Luxurious Napa residence by tgharchitects

The view from the luxurious Napa residence is breathtaking as this residence stands on a knoll above Napa valley surrounded by vineyards. The apparent volume of the total structure is diminishing as each wing of the house blend perfectly with the contour of the hill. A lavender-edged path leads to a wonderful pool that adds more beauty to this house. More information about Napa residence by tgharchitects.


This is a modern and very pleasant mansion. The location of the house is very well chosen and the views it has to offer are also very beautiful. It’s a big residence and what is interesting and admirable about it is that the designers or the owners managed to maintain a common style and a similar theme throughout the whole structure.



I personally like the colors very much. The whole structure seems to blend into the surroundings. And as for the interior design, it goes very well with the natural environment as well. That very beautiful tone of blue used in one of the rooms looks just like the sky. It’s a great place in a great location. A very beautiful residence where the owners can enjoy a quiet time, relax and be happy. The residence also has a pool and a very nice outdoor space where you can enjoy a nice cold drink in the hot summer.

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