Lucy, the Elephant Shaped Building in New Jersey

Let’s make a little game of imagination: imagine that you are walking one Sunday afternoon in the town you are visiting and suddenly you see a huge elephant right in front of you. What would you say? Most people would say they are dreaming, but people in Margate, New Jersey would say that they are in front of their landmark – Lucy, the Elephant.

This was one of the first zoomorphic buildings in the world, as it was designed by the American architect James F. Lafferty in 1882. He used wood and tin as the materials for the building it and in time people living there got attached to it, giving the building the “pet” name of Lucy. The history of this unusual building is long enough to cover all sorts of stories, as Lucy housed in turns restaurants, business office and tavern , it was struck by lightning and now the local people want to save it from self-demolishing. So if you visit its official web site, you will see more details about “Save Lucy” campaign.


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