Low energy house with a modern save spacing interior design

The Silvervillan is a house located in Skilleby, Järna, Sweden. It covers an area of 179 square meters and it was designed by Sjöberg & Thermé. The construction was completed in 2011 at a cost of 2,7milj kr, 300,000€. The interesting thing about this building is that it’s a low energy house with a total of 7000 KW/year.

Sitting in one of the most environmentally friendly areas of Sweden, it was natural that the house would be low maintenance as well. The main idea behind this project was to build a house that would allow minimal heat loss and would be able to keep a balanced temperature all year around without having astonishing electricity bills. The Silvervillan was built with two separate construction frames. The walls have 45 cm of cellulose insulation and there’s 60 cm insulation in the ceilings and roof as well. The house is heated by renewable and solar energy.

The façade of the house is very simple and rustic-looking. It’s made of pinewood and painted so that it would look like the old houses from the northern side of Sweden. The entrance is a glass structure that allows natural light to invade the whole house. There’s a solar panel on the south side that takes care of most of the electricity problems. Inside, there’s a large open area that includes the kitchen, the dining area and the living area. It has large windows and oak floors. The interior design is simple and functional. All the storage space are built-in and the general appearance is elegant and modern.For example the space under the staircase was transformed into space saving because the designer choose to save the space there creating few drawers.{found on archdaily and pics by Erik}.

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