Lovely Cottage on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Although the summer period is over nothing can stop from searching for a peaceful place which can offer you relaxing and comfortable moments each time you need. The only thing that you need to o is to decide what kind of house you would like and the place where it is situated.

If you are a lonelier or you prefer the retreat and quiet places here it is an idea. A great cottage is waiting for you on the Cape Breton Island, on the Northern most tip of Nova Scotia. This wonderful oasis of peacefulness was built by the interior designers Eliot and Alexandra Angle who have tried that the building reflects the surrounding environment.

They were inspired by the local barns and the Scandinavian aesthetic. The combination of 10 different nuances of blue, green and grey create a relaxing and at the same time a refreshing ambiance which fits perfectly the surrounding sea side area.

The lovely cottage shelters rustic elements and makes you feel free and comfortable while you take advantage of its spacious and airy rooms. The numerous windows that appear on the different sides of the house allow you to admire the beautiful sea from each corner of the room. It is a place where peacefulness and privacy are at home!{found on nytimes}

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