Los Molles House of Cachagua Chile

At first look the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, will enter your being, at this retreat from the hectic pace of day to day city life. Located in the off-coast area of Chile, surrounded by nature, only a short strawl away from the Pacific beaches.

The house itself was designed by DRN Arquitectos, along with the beautiful gardens that surround it. Living at this serene location is to be one with nature.

Originally created to house a large family, it was constructed to provide secluded areas as well as areas intended for the whole family. The large windows provide plenty of natural light, in a breath taking spectrum throughout the day.

With wood as the foundation of the house, dominated by natural colors, the house provides a comfortable place to live for all family members, which is modern, yet manages to maintain its mystical elegance, and connection to its surroundings.


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