Los Angeles Modern Retreat With High Ceilings

The Lago Vista Guest House is a contemporary retreat built for a private client. The house is located in Los Angeles, United States. It was designed by Aleks Istanbullu Architects and it has a very light and simple look. It sits at the top of a canyon with lots of dense and beautiful vegetation. It’s the perfect location for a holiday house. Here its owners have privacy and can come to either relax or have fun.

The house has a contemporary design with simple shapes and clean lines. The exterior is quite mysterious and doesn’t really tell much about the house itself. Inside, the building is a full guest house. It includes a bedroom, bath and kitchen and it’s both charming and bold. This lovely retreat has a colorful interior design without actually having too many colors. There’s a very beautiful balance between pattern and color. The décor is somewhat contrasting and includes both striking features and subtle elements.

The exterior design of the building is sculptural and, despite its contemporary feel and very clean shape, it integrates nicely into the landscape. It’s like a bold detail in the middle of the already spectacular landscape. As for the actual structure of the property, the house is divided into two distinct volumes. The rooms are spacious and functionally structures. The lower level includes the guest rooms while the other volume includes the library and other similar spaces. This would be the retreat cube. Another great element are the views that can be admired from all the rooms of the house. They make this place complete.

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