Loom small space combining old and modern

Loom is an artist’s studio and it was designed for a client in Aspen. The project was designed by Colorado-based 1 Friday Design Collaborative and it’s a particularly small space with a very distinct design that combines history and modernity.

Loom is located in Aspen, Colorado, United States. It was completed in September 2011. the studio covers an area of 500 square feet and designing it wasn’t that simple. The architects first had to take into consideration the environmental factors and the LEED guidelines, as well as the location and the surroundings.

Loom is located in an area filled with historic Victorian houses so that was also a factor in the decision regarding the design of the studio. The architects simplified the Victorian aesthetics and cam up with a simple form for the studio and a neutral color palette.

The studio has a 2-story structure and it also features a back yard filled with evergreen trees. When building the studio, the architects used high-performance materials and also took advantage of the solar orientation. As for the interior design, the architects took their inspiration from the building’s name. On the second floor there’s a wall inspired by a traditional weaving loom. The rest of the interior is rather simple and mostly white, with large bookshelves and functional working areas.{found on archdaily}

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