Long and narrow flat interior design in Belgium

If until now we were used to see hidden wire circuits, nowadays  it is even fashionable to emphasize them, to make an interesting design of these. For example, this sea side apartment, located in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, designed by Ooze Architects, was built to be a holiday apartment for a Dutch art collector.Located  on the 2nd floor with view over the Rubensplein, despite its generous size, the typology of the flat is very long and narrow which makes the current layout very inefficient, but the reorganization of the internal partitions enables us to admire the owner’s art collection, his mini “personal museum” during the night time, because  in the daytime we can enjoy the beautiful beach landscape.

The owner preferred an unconventional living space, with small rooms, highly reflective glass for bathrooms, and cross visual panelsbecause he wanted to focus on his works of art first and then to  the building structure.

Natural wooden floors  create a continuous surface that morphs into furniture, inducing the feeling of unity and space, and the high, concrete walls and ceiling  allowed designers to decorate the apartment with Dutch landscapes paintings. From the successful collaboration between architects, designers, artists and the owner  they managed to create an indoor landscape that expresses a close relationship between the client and his home country, the Netherlands, and his art collections.{found on archdaily and pics by Jeroen Musch}.

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