Log Kit Modular Homes by PAF Architecture

Made with interchangeable parts the log kit modular homes are based on the concept of sort of legos for homes. Originally conceived by PAF Architecture in 2003 the designers were mostly concerned with snap lock parts for homes since that time. Strong focus on solar passive designs is the highlight of the architecture. The construction has simple yet striking architecture in the exterior or the building.

Usually the log kit house is a system of standardized as well as interchangeable and prefabricated parts that helps the user makes rapid assembly with great varieties. Hundreds of different configurations are possible depending on the way one configures the construction and architecture.

Ordinarily three types of components are used in log kid modular homes that includes metal frame, in fill and snap cladding. Ultimate objective of these homes is reduction of waster and providing the houses at the most affordable prices. Moreover the parts can also be refurbished in the factory.Also take a look at 12 Best Prefab Homes Around The World.


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