Living on a fundamental level in the tiny Diogene home

Small homes have always been fascinating for human beings. They remind us of the primitive shelters but they also make us think of the future and the increasing lack of space. Over the last few years, all sorts of micro homes have been designed. They are meant to save space while offering all the basic features a home needs in order to feel comfortable. The Diogene home from Renzo Piano is a very interesting example.

Diogene is the smallest building of the Vitra campus. It has a living space of 2m by 2m, by far not enough space for comfortable living in most of our opinions. However, you will be surprised. This micro home has a bed, a chair and a coffee table and they are all comfortable to use and good-looking. It’s a very minimal interior design but it’s the basic for someone that wishes some peace and quiet without anything else to disturb the silence.

This tiny home has an aluminum clad pitched roof and it sits on a gentle hill from where it becomes a little more visible. This interesting project is actually a prototype designed for a replicable system of essential living. The name suits it perfectly. It was named after the philosopher Diogenes who lived in a barrel to express simplicity and this tiny home is a more modern and comfortable version of that concept.

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Besides being interesting as it is, this home is also sustainable. It features a system of photovoltaic cells, solar panels, a rainwater tank, a bio-toilet as well as natural ventilation. They all make this space self-sufficient. It’s a wonderful option for those that seek living on a very fundamental and simple level, even if it’s only for a determined period of time. Given the tiny dimensions of this house, you can easily find the space for it on your property.{found on designboom}.



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