Little minimalist black house in Chile

This striking black structure is a private house that covers a surface of 90.3 square meters. It’s located in Calafquén, Panguipulli Commune, Chile and the whole idea behind this project was to build a house that was good-looking, cheap and would have good thermal insulation. The designers were Foaa – Norte and they completed this project in 2012 at a price of $650/sqm.

The architects wanted to create a minimalist structure and they chose black as the main color for the façade. It’s a matte black, very bold but also very alluring. The exterior was entirely covered with asphalt membrane. The house has a pitched roof that gives it a traditional feel that interacts well with the whole contemporary approach. The widows differ in terms of size and shape and they have white contour that makes them stand out.

As for the interior, the internal structure is functionally organized.The public areas have double height ceilings while the bedrooms are upstairs and feature inclined walls. The house also has a deck, black as the rest of the house. The interesting part of this project is that it’s part of a larger concept. This is basically a prototype house and there are many more like it. The architects design the houses in advance and only after that they worry about the site. It’s an interesting process that reverses the order of things but seems to work well.{found on archdaily}.

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