Life close to nature and in perfect harmony captured by Bjarko|Serra Architects

This is not the first house that we see and that’s located in the middle of nature but it’s definitely a house that has something special. Located close to the Washington Hood Canal, the house captures the spirit of the surrounding landscape and incorporates it in a simple design meant to make the most out of its location.

The idea behind this project was to create a house that allows its users to admire the views from every possible space. In order to do that, the architects decided to create a series of open spaces with huge windows and with glass walls that let nature get inside. The house is surrounded by trees so, even though it’s very open towards the exterior, it doesn’t lack privacy.

And while we’re discussing that, we should also mention that the team made a purposeful effort to not damage the site and to leave it untouched. Therefore, no trees were damaged or cut in the process and this is why they now surround the guard the house.

Building a house in whatever space you find free between the trees is not a very common idea but it worked wonderfully in this case. We can say that, in this case, the landscape and nature dictated the design of the house and shaped its unique design. The result was this amazing home on Dabob Bay, overlooking the water and the surrounding nature and offering amazing views. What’s nice is that the house feels secluded but it’s actually very open and in sync with the surroundings.

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