Lavish property in Madrid features a huge swimming pool

This is La Finca, a stunning villa designed by A cero. It’s located near Madrid and has a stunning design. The two-storied building features a modern and sculptural look, with a white exterior and a huge outdoor swimming pool. It’s definitely the tropical retreat we all dream of but in a rather unconventional location.

As you enter, a large hallway connects the living area, lounge space and the rest of the social areas. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls welcome sunlight inside and also connect the interior spaces to the relaxing outdoors, offering beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Follow the staircase and go down to find the basement. Here there’s a home theater, also featuring a minimalist and modern design. Go up the stairs to reach the first floor and you’ll find a serene private zone where all the bedrooms are situated.

The views are even more beautiful from up here and you also get to see just how stunning the rest of the spaces are, the outdoor ones in particular. Step outside to find a bbq area and a bar. It’s hard not to be hypnotized by the lavish design of the whole house. It may look simple but everything is perfectly designed to create the most amazing and relaxing ambiance.

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