Lavish Minimalist Residence in Collingwood

During winter, there’s nothing else anyone would rather do than go to a sky resort. Even if you’re not a big fan of outdoor activities, you can still have a great time there. The atmosphere is just amazing and the views are usually spectacular. Then you reach a point when you wish you could live there forever. Some people are lucky enough to do so. Take for example the owners of this lovely residence.

This chic contemporary residence is located in a private ski resort in Collingwood and was designed by designers from Atelier Kastelic Buffey. It might not look like much from the outside, but as soon as you step inside you can feel the beauty that surrounds you. The residence has a minimalist interior design, very modern and very stylish. Here, the owners are able to enjoy and admire the amazing views while relaxing in their cozy luxury home.

The residence features large and open spaces with wood flooring and white walls. The balance between warm and cold shades and texture is very nice in all the rooms. In order to create a strong connection with the outdoors and to maximize the beauty of the views, the residence has expansive windows and glass walls. Glass has been sued extensively in this project and this makes this vacation home even more amazing.

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What’s particularly interesting is the contrast between the exterior appearance of the residence and the interior design. When seen from the outside, it has a barn-like look and it seems like a relatively modest structure. You could imagine the interior being warm and cozy, with wooden beams and wood-paneled walls. The interior is, however, quite different. Nevertheless. It’s splendid.



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