Large and Beautiful House in healthy surroundings by Balance Associates

This beautiful house is located on the eastern slopes of Central Cascade Mountains. The total area covered by this house is forty acres. Media rooms and bedrooms are present on the ground floor of this house. While one can enjoy beautiful views from the main living space which is present on the second floor of this house. The exteriors of this house are designed in a nice manner. Luxury interiors fill up this house with beauty from inside. It would be a pleasurable experience for anyone to live in this house.

This is really a very beautiful house, located in a great area that allows the user to have access to beautiful and attractive views. The landscape and the surrounding area are beautiful and the natural elements are also great. In terms of design, this house has a nice structure, not very impressive but still special and somewhat modern. It’s actually a combination of modern and traditional, rustic elements that when put together form a very beautiful image.

As for the interior it seems very simple, stylish and elegant. The wood floors are very beautiful and so are the windows and the view behind them. The lighting system is particularly attractive, because of those suspended pendants. They have a simple design but they still manage to look interesting and special.

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