Lake Lugano house – an unusual glass structure by JM Architecture

This unusual house is located on the slope on a hill, on the shores of Lake Lugano. It’s a project developed by JM Architecture. It’s a modern structure and it actually consists of two separate volumes organized on different levels of the particularities of the landscape. One of the structures is a polygonal shaped pavilion featuring rounded edges and transparent walls. The pavilion sits on a sort of pedestal that’s actually a linear underground block.

The pavilion consists of a living and dining room, a kitchen and several storage spaces.There’s also a lower level where the bedrooms , bathrooms and the garage are located, The two levels are connected to independent outdoors spaces that are sort of addition to the interior spaces. The glass pavilion offers incredible views toward two different areas: the mountains and the lake. Both areas are beautiful and are a great way of spending some quiet time, relaxing while enjoying the landscape.

There are two gardens, both private. The interior of the house is practically divided. However, the space between the kitchen and living room are one continuous space that’s not separated by doors but by a central lacquered wood block that acts like a wall. The house respects the environment by using geothermal energy, roof gardens, a rain water collecting system and a low-maintenance glass insulated with argon gas meant to optimize the thermal efficiency of the shell. Also, the trees are a great addition, providing protection from wind, rain or sun.

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