Kindergarten Barbapapà by ccd studio

The term “Barbapapa” came about as a project competition proposed by the municipality of Vignola as it was looking for financing. It is a project in building a kindergarten given the name Barbapapa to be located in the hill of Emilia Romagna’s region in the border for near 60 children. The kindergarten will be divided into four different classrooms for these children.

The area for building is known for its nature environment, which is rightly related to the project for Kindergarten Barbapapa. It is meant to be built with a close relationship with its environment and providing the children the value to be sustainable just its building theme will be.

The building was indeed built with the least impact for the volume. The deck was planned to be painted green in order to maintain a nice thermal insulation and a package of terrain being placed at the top of the roof that made with word in order to preserve the comfort from the environment. Most of the daily resources for the kindergarten will be gotten through its surroundings.

For example, solar panel will be built to meet the daily electricity needs, water will be collected from rain with a specially made tank, and all the materials used to build the building are closely studied to be environmental friendly.

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