Kate Thornley-Hall’s century-old log ski cabin in Collingwood, Ont

Cabins are very charming, especially during the winter season. They’re not as luxurious as a hotel or a large mansion, but there’s something special about them that makes them unique. It’s not uncommon for people to want to leave the comfort and warmth of their apartment or house and to go spend the holidays in a small cabin.

Even though the space is limited, cabins are very inviting. This is a very lovely cabin that was designed by Kate Thornley-Hall. It’s a sort of rural cottage and it has already been decorated for the holidays. There’s a lovely wreath on the door as a sing that guests are welcomed for the holidays. When seen from the street, the first impression about this cute cabin is very good. I’m sure that the interior further enhances this impression. It seems to be a very inviting and cozy little cottage. I imagine it might also be a cozy fireplace inside.

The cabin has a fresh and modern look, even though it’s hard to tell since cabins usually look all the same. Still, this one distinguishes itself by the new cedar dormer that make the exterior seem very appealing. It also has lovely shutters that have been painted robin’s egg blue. The classic wreaths that have been used to decorate it also contribute to the cozyness and to the fresh festive look of this charming cabin.{found on houseandhome}

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