Kansas City Public Library

I know that we live in a high-tech society, that everything revolves around computers, mobile phones and the Internet, but I still think that books have a very important role in our formation as adults, as they educate us, develop our imagination and improve our vocabulary and many other features. Apparently that is exactly what some officials thought when they started a unique campaign of attracting people to the public library. So they made a very nice, though unusual building in the shape of books. These “books ” show only the cover where you can clearly see the title and the author, all being famous books.

The place I have just described is the Kansas City Public Library in Missouri, USA and it is considered one of the most unusual buildings in America and in the world. It is an unique way of advertising and I don’t know for sure if it worked or not, but I honestly like the idea and the building. This is not the front view of the building, but it is actually the front of the parking lot area, as it was easier to adjust in order to get the result that you can see in the pictures.

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