Joshua Tree Boulder House by W. Garett Carlson

The Joshua tree boulder house is structured in the landscape area and basically designed in the 1700 square feet. This type of house is within the 2.5 acres of land and it is constructed from the ground.  The new concept with most innovative ideas is designed for the residence purposes in the city of California. These types of house are designed with the variety of shapes that make the builder to design and the ultimate choice for many users.   There are variety of images, styles, with new dimensions is all specified with this type of house.

The Joshua tree boulder house covers the large area of the space making the new environment of the house.  This type of house gives lot of shade and is comprised with the materials of the wood, concrete, glass and many more. This type of house is very high with various custom designs that connect with the living room and with entire architecture of the house.{ W. Garett Carlson }


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