John Lautner’s sheats goldstein residence

For those curious to see an unusual and surprising home design, one of the locations where this can be seen is L.A. This fantastic residence is the work of John Lautner and it’s called sheats goldstein residence. The most impressive detail about this place is definitely the unusual design and the way open and closed spaces are combined.

You can easily go from dark, intimate place to a beautiful open area and the transition is neither abrupt or distressing in any way. It’s a very subtle and pleasant transition that comes in a natural way. There are a lot of spaces where you can go if you need some privacy or if you need to relax a little in a quiet place. There are also a lot of open spaces where you can spend your time, alone or with friends and where you can have a great time.

A very interesting feature is the coffered roof that coveres the space between the living room and the entertainment area and goes all the way down to the pool. It’s a very beautiful sample of incredible architectural work, an art piece. The residence also offers very beautiful views that can be admired both from inside and outside. In fact, it’s been designed in a way that makes it blend into the surroundings in a natural way.{found on designboom and pictures by artjocks }

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