Jaw-Dropping Views at Dupli Dos House

Juma Architects have created a gorgeous residence in Ibiza, Spain. Dupli Dos House was not only designed to house 8 to 10 people, but most of all to create a comfortable house for two. This stunning home features jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean that will leave you speechless.

This contemporary home began as two separate duplexes that they merged together to form the four-bedroom, four-bathroom house that it is today. It originally had two staircases that they demolished and created one inside making one cohesive space. This also opened up the exterior and allowed them to create various outdoor spaces to enjoy. Moreover a unique feature is that they kept both swimming pools, and they made it look intentional with the multiple levels of terrace space between them.

But wait, that’s not all. The interior is as gorgeous as the exterior. The rooms have floor to ceiling windows that flood the house with natural light and the walls are painted white in order to create a large, airy space. The rooms are accented with bold textures and rustic metal and wood. Hints of traditional Spanish roots are found throughout this luxurious estate.

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The Dupli Dos House is an amazing modern home that offers you breathtaking views. Not only is the residence functional, but it is beautiful as well, a sanctuary to retreat to.



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