Japanesse house designed for two-generation family

The N House is a two-generation residence located in Tokyo, Japan. It was designed by Takato Tamagami Architectural Design and completed in 2012. The house sits on an area of 586.87 square meters. It was designed to accommodate a two-generation family and that asked for a special design. The architects came up with a simple solution. They created two volumes: the A-House and the B-House. It each serves a specific function and is used by one generation.

The two interlocked volumes were designed to provide clearly delimitated space and to serve as two separate houses. The site on which the two volumes were built measures 15 meters in width and 30 meters in length. The N-House features a U-shape with a courtyard in the middle. Its exterior is white and finished in cement plaster. On the basement level are two different entries, one for each volume. The parking area is also on the same level.

One of the volumes, the A-House, features a tunnel-like entrance, high windows and an alternation of light and dark spaces. It has a gravel garden and it’s a space that could also be used as a gallery. The second floor includes a studio with 4 meter high ceilings. It’s soundproof and features shading screens and a movie projector. On the top floor are located the living room. The second volume, the B-House, has all the rooms facing the courtyard and features an open, relaxing and bright interior.{found on archdaily and pics by Masaya Yoshimura}.

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