Japanese two-storey apartment building in Tokyo

As we know that Asians have some particular design  elements that are  a lot different from the European design, so we tend to believe that modern houses in Japan have a funky roof with red globe lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling. You would be surprised to find out that is not really like that. This house is a perfect example of a open minded architect(spatial design) who developed this wonderful residential building  with simplicity in mind.

Situated in Tokyo , Japan this  two-storey apartment building  has a ground floor build after  a translucent privacy principle. Surrounded by a stainless steel mesh the  courtyard is somehow part of the interior, thanks to the floor to ceiling windows that opens the inner space. This interesting design is actually a compromise in  which privacy has been sacrificed.  The interior  looks a bit cold, with a raw finish , actually with no finish at all. Neither the wall or floors and ceilings are painted or covered in anything.

The whole interior  space   could also be better compartmented, but as I was saying this building is a compromise. In order to look and feel modern some important details were overlooked. Of course there is also the client’s option to decorate whatever they want, but if the architecture doesn’t offer you a  favorable environment you can’t do very much. I appreciate the fact that in such a small place some people always find ways to build places so another people can call it home.{found on designboom}.

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