Japanese one-story wooden house

Designing a house for a woman can be very challenging. There are usually lots of demands and everything has to be perfect. The attention to details is crucial. But designing a house for two women tops that. However, not everyone is the same and, in this case, this residence is surprisingly simple and austere. It’s the M House and it’s located in Tochigi, Japan.

The M House was a project developed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects. It was built in 2012. The house covers an area of 63.87 square meters and it sits on a 138.75 square meter site. It’s a one story structure that was designed for two women. Structurally, it looks like a series of small volumes organized around a center. In the middle there’s a 6m by 6m space. The rest of the volumes are arranged around it, they radiate from the center.

These annex-like structures contain the rest of the spaces and they include the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the storage area. Even though, structurally, they are individual structures, they are all connected and covered by a large roof. They have wooden beams in the ceilings and they resemble a series of wooden boxes. In between them there’s a series of gaps, these gaps serve as parking and entry spaces and they provide views towards the exterior.in the case of the living area, the gaps also provide natural light.

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