Irregularly-shaped house matching its surroundings

Each house is unique and it has its own design meant to respond to the challenges and imperfections of the site. Also, the surroundings and the landscape are important. It’s these factors that have shaped this unusual residence.

Featuring an irregular form and an unusual design, this residence is located on the countryside and was designed by architect Hyo Man Kim of IRQJE Architects. It can be found in Sungmam, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The building covers a total area of 168.52 square meters and features an interesting layout throughout. The irregular form came as a response to the irregularities of the land.

The flexible interior design and layout allows the building to serve both as a family home and as an office. It can be divided into two zones and they can each serve a different function. Of course, the volumes can also be thought of as a whole. The subtle curves and the overall architecture of the house mimics the surroundings. Add the unusual color of the façade to the mix and you get a truly unique structure.


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