Inviting Residence With A Concrete Shell And Wood Cladding

Located in Poland, this residence was a project by Ultra Architects and it was just completed this year. As you can see, it has a simple and modern design, with large windows and an overall minimalist structure. The house covers an area of 470 square meters. Although it may not seem that special, building it was a challenge.

First of all, the architects had to find the right combination of materials, given the climate and the location. They needed a structural material that would provide a stable structure and that would also be waterproof. Reinforced concrete was chosen. It’s firm and solid so it’s perfect for a design with large windows. As a result, the residence was designed as a monolithic shell with geometric stability. The architects didn’t want to hide this material behind delicate finishes so exposed concrete is a leitmotif for the interior design.

Another material that played an important role in the project is wood. As you can see, the residence has wood exterior classic. When you think about it, there’s an interesting contrast here. There’s warm wood on the outside of the house and gray and cold concrete on the inside. Of course, this doesn’t make the house less inviting.

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In terms of layout and internal structure, each level of the house has a different function. The ground floor is an open plan space where most of the daily activities take place. The first floor is for leisure and entertainment and it’s divided into two zones: the private area and the guest area.



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