Inviting office-house by a21 studio

This stylish house is located in Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was designed by a21 studio and it was completed in 2012. The house covers an area of only 40 square meters but it’s very inviting, cozy and refreshing. It features a very nice blend of natural materials and an interior décor that’s simple but elegant and casual at the same time.

The house was designed with the concept of comfort as the main element to take into consideration. Also, it’s not a typical home but an office-house. This means it has a flexible design that allows it to serve two apparently very different purposes at the same time without looking contrasting. Moreover, this is also a green, sustainable and eco-friendly construction that’s hiding under a modern and casual façade.

The house is very bright and filled with natural light. Moreover, it benefits from a wonderful location. It’s surrounded by trees and vegetation on all sides. There’s also a piece of nature inside. The interior design includes many fresh plants that add color and create a very refreshing atmosphere. The materials used to build the house include a lot of wood that adds warmth to the décor. The wood, combined with the white walls and ceilings and fresh plants result in a minimalist and airy décor. It’s perfect as an environment where you can relax but also work.{found on archdaily}.

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