Intriguing country house in Québec, Canada

It is a strange look for a simple house. Well, that was the purpose of the design. At a more careful analysis, we see that this is actually a traditional classic house except for the roof. That is the detail that singularizes it from the other designs. The shape of the roof is also what gave the name of this project.

Located in Québec, Canada, La Cornette is a country house designed by YH2 for two families. It’s meant to serve a house for celebrations and holidays. The exterior design, as well as the interior are somewhat traditional, but in two very different ways. The interior is made in wood, both natural and painted, with a simple and comfortable look.

The exterior, however, is a completely different story. It’s intriguing, even a little dramatic and doesn’t seem to go very well with the rest of the environment. I guess the owners wanted something different and, well, here’s the result.


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