Into the woods Mill Valley cabins

The Mill Valley Cabins are located in Mill Valley, California, USA. They were a project developed by Feldman Architecture. The project was completed in October, 2010 and it covers an area of 500 square meters for the upper studio and another 380 square meters for the lower studio. The clients that requested this project envisaged the cabins as an extension or an as extra accessory for their already existing hill side home.

The clients wanted two separate new spaces. One of them had to be an artist’s studio and yoga space the other one would serve as a private guest cabin. The architects designed two separate volumes or two small cabins that they were able to place between the existing trees. They also chose the locations for the cabins by taking into consideration the views. As a result, the two cabins capture different views. The lower studio was designed with a green roof.

The reasons for that were two. First of all, the green roof and the garden planted on it would allow a beautiful view for the upper building that’s looking down towards that area. Moreover, the architects also wanted to make the studio blend into the hillside. And there’s also a third benefit: the clients have a new space they can exercise their love for gardening onto. Overall, this was a very successful project.{found on archdaily and pics Joe Fletcher}.

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