Interior Designer Alexis Hadjopulos’ Glass House

Glass is a material which shows elegance, modernity and style. Architects and designers seem to appreciate all these qualities and use it as a main material for building houses too. Thus, modern glass houses appeared to be preferred by many people although sometimes the transparency of glass may affect the owners’ privacy.

Alexis Hadjopulos is a furniture shop owner and interior designer who is also the owner of a modern glass house is one of these people that love the elegance of glass and has decorated his own home in an original way. He tried to bring a personal touch to each space of the house, to create comfortable and pleasant areas which could offer him the ambiance and living conditions that he has always dreamed at.

As a contemporary house imposes itself through elegance and refined style, its design may look a little bit too official. Alexis Hadjopulos tried to bring some special items which could animate each area of the house and represent him in a certain way. Thus the silver pig that sits near the white piano, the huge white chair, the “customer service” letters in the bedroom or the graffiti chalkboard wall under the stairs are just some examples which can help you create an idea of the owner’s personality and the style of the house.

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There are also used many DIY objects which are part of the owner’s preferences and tastes. He claims to be a person who loves the presence of practical, pleasant, personal and useful things in a house and he encourages the others to use them too, instead of those useless things that take a lot of space from the area of a house.{found on apartmentterapy}.



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