Interesting Restaurant in Spain by Sandra Trruella Interioristas

Today we are pleased to present you the Celler de Can Roca Restaurant in Girona, Spain. This astounding place was designed by Sandra Trruella Interioristas and is the perfect place to get away from your daily routine and enjoy a great meal.

The restaurant surprises with its uniqueness and beauty. With an asset such as floor to ceiling windows, you can spend a couple of hours enjoying the beautiful views outside. Moreover the main material used is wood and this feature gives it a rustic feel. The furniture throughout the entire space is very modern and you can safely say that it is comfortable as well.

Another important feature is the wine cellar, which is an interesting space. It is designed as a multitude of boxes, covered in wooden plates that have wine labels on them. With such great assets and a neutral palette that makes it an airy, bright space, the Celler de Can Roca Restaurant is a wonderful place to spend a sunny day.


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