Interesting Evelyn Grace Academy by Zaha Hadid

One of the unique features of the Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton in the London Borough of Lambeth, is its building construction.Located within two main residential areas, the academy claims to be an open, transparent, as well as welcoming addition to the regeneration process that the urban inhabitation is now undergoing.

With its strong urban character that is apparent for both local as well as the neighboring people, the objective of the academy is offering an environment that will facilitate learning and would be reassuring for the students to engage in multiple activities.

Apparently, the building structure of Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton has been designed with the above objective in view. The design follows the principle of schools within schools with natural patterns of segregation. These segregated features are nested within functional spaces.All the four smaller institutions within the ambits of larger institution have their unique identities. Yet each of them retains the basic structure of enough ventilation and efficient space management just like the parent institute.{Zaha Hadid}


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