Intelligent Penthouses and Rooftop Terrace

Finding yourself in the crowded city of Copenhagen, Denmark, you might think that you will not be able to find a place to live, as you are talking about one of the most populated areas… But nowadays nothing is impossible! Some intelligent people from JDS Architects came up with the solution of optimizing the city roof and it proved to be a very good idea.

It all started from the fact that in densely populated areas there was not enough space which could serve as gardens, places which are so vital for both adult people and their children. This fact led to a concept which permitted to create gardens at the top of the already-existing blocks.

All the neighbours were to have access to the rooftop gardens. It was supposed to be a green place which could have more functions: a safe playground, a green space where people could admire the view and spend some quite hours, enjoy  the grass and vegetation, have a barbecue. All these things turned into concrete results, they became reality; the concept which supposed  optimization and exploitation of the existing space  led to the creation of useful roof gardens and beautiful landscapes.

The penthouses and rooftop terraces are modern spaces with multiple functions, characterized by modernity, a perfect combination of new materials in a naturally created environment. The view offered to the human eye and sky at the same time is a pleasant one, of an ideal area used at maximum.{found on archdaily}

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