Inspiring Outdoors Indoors House in Japan

Be-Fun Design, in collaboration with the folks from EANA, designed the Outdoors Indoors House. This 775 square foot residence is located in Shinagawa-Ku, Japan. The architects tried to give an active couple a home that allows them to enjoy their outdoor activities inside.

Because they had little space to work with, the architects gave this house a vertical form. The street isn’t visible from the outside which shuts out a lot of light. The solution they came up with was to capture some natural light through the tapered roof, an aspect that pushes daylight throughout the well-ventilated building. While it maintains the height and scale of the surrounding structures, it also contrasts the area’s palette with its white, modern finish.

The layout of this unique home revolves around a central bathroom which is siting on a storage unit. Designed as an open space, the kitchen, dining and living rooms open up to a generous stretch of glazing and terrace. The rock climbing wall leads up to a tapering which hovers over the communal area. Furthermore the house is furnished in a minimalistic style, but it still manages to encourage community and fun in this residential neighborhood.

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The Outdoors Indoors House is an inspiring and unique home that will take your breath away. It is a warm and welcoming place to call home.{found on homedsgn}



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