Inspiring mountain retreat in France

Sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed by all the problems and we wish we could just get away somewhere, away from everything and everyone where nobody can find us. Well, this is a place close to those standards but better. It’s a very beautiful mountain retreat located in France, in the Central Massif region. The house was once used to make cheese but it was then turned into this lovely and charming mountain retreat.

The place has been restored and updated. It’s now a beautiful and modern retreat. However, the owners didn’t want to have any contact with the outside world. They wanted this to be their private getaway place. The house has no electricity nor telephone. The place was restored by Austrian Frederick Pfeffer with the help of local craftsmen and artisans. The retreat was restores using only simple and natural materials.

The house has a very simple interior design. The atmosphere inside is romantic and inviting. In one of the rooms there’s a beautiful wood-fired stove that keeps the place warm and cozy. The owners use candles to light up the place during the night. It sounds extreme but it can actually be very interesting and relaxing. The furniture inside is very simple and made by hand. There are also some horsehair cushions that can double as beds if needed. The kitchen and the shower have been placed downstairs. The house gets water from a nearby spring.{found on remodelista}.

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