Inspiring Family Home Designed With Respect For Its Site And Surroundings

A structure that respects its location and surroundings is more likely to offer its inhabitants the comfort and beauty they seek than one that makes no effort to integrate into the landscape. This respect for nature and the local beauty wonderfully defines the Four Season House.

Four Season House architecture and lawn

This is a residence developed by MORI Design, a studio that always searches for new ways to communicate with nature and to understand the materials, textures and proportions in order to achieve harmony and functionality.

Four Season House sculptural facade

Four Season House driveway at sunset

The house was completed in 2016 and is located in the Yun-Lin County, in Taiwan. The site and its surroundings are characterized by rural simplicity and the designers tried to preserve that while also offering the clients the modern family home they always wanted.

Four Season House yard at sunset

The trees present on the site have been preserved and the house was built with respect for its surroundings and nature in general. The interior spaces are organized on two levels. The ground floor houses the garage, living room, kitchen and dining space while the upper floor is the private zone dedicated to the bedrooms.

Four Season House living room sectional

Four Season House living room coffee table

The lounge area is cozy and comfortable, featuring a gray sectional sofa and a soft and textured area rug with a similar color tone. The sectional is L-shaped and placed in the corner of the room. It faces a wall-mounted TV attached to a space divider.

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Four Season House living room TV divider

Four Season House living room wall unit

A wood and glass coffee table adds some contrast to the space. The side table has a similar role. The brown accents create a nice dialogue with some of the furniture in the rest of the open floor plan.

Four Season House dining area

On the other side of the divider is the dining area. It looks really cozy and elegant, featuring a wooden table with a chocolate brown color and six matching chairs with fabric upholstery.

Four Season House dining space furniture

What’s interesting is the choice of material for the floors. Instead of opting for the usual wooden flooring for the social areas, the designers chose to give them tiled floors which are low-maintenance and a bit more casual.

Four Season House kitchen

Plenty of wood was used throughout. Interestingly enough, part of the ceiling is clad in wood. Also, two matching wall units with wooden structures make the transition between the living space and dining area smooth and seamless.

Four Season House separate lounge

There’s also a smaller lounge space with a two-seater sofa and a cow skin rug. In this particular area of the house the designers chose to use wooden floors and to keep everything else bright and simple.

Four Season House staircase area

The kitchen is just behind the dining area. It’s open and small, with a stylish island and a transparent backsplash. There are no wall-mounted cabinets and this keeps the décor very fresh and airy.

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Four Season House staircase pendant lamps

The staircase that connects the floors has windows that overlook the courtyard and low-hanging pendant lamps that look really chic and dandelion-like.

Four Season House bedroom desk and headboard

The upper floor houses the private spaces. One of the bedrooms featured a bed-desk combo and has a picture window with panoramic views of the trees and the surroundings. A sleek marble and wood bench is placed in front of the window.

Four Season House bedroom bench and window

Storage comes in various different ways in the case of the bedrooms. For instance, this room has a geometric wall unit with open and closed shelves and compartments and subtle accent lighting.

Four Season House bedroom headboard shelves

Another bedroom has suspended shelves integrated into the freestanding headboard. The bed here is placed at the center of the room as opposed to the classical configuration where the bed goes against the wall.

Four Season House bedroom rug

The bathroom is decorated with a classical black and white color palette. It feels cozy and welcoming and has a corner tub and glass shower enclosure. The choice of matte tiled for the walls and floor adds warmth and sophistication to the décor.

Four Season House bathroom black walls



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