Inspiring and Relaxing Studio by Cooper Joseph Studio

If you think of the famous artists you will notice the fact that they were inspired by the place where they lived or a special place of their own where they could create peacefully.These places made them more creative or helped them create original and wonderful works.Cooper Joseph Studio is a firm that designed a rural writer’s studio in Ghent, New York. The location is superb, the simple construction is surrounded by trees which definitely creates a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. The studio has different façades while the interiors are a combination of contrastive white and dark nuance of walnut. On one side of the building there are open vistas to a pond and fields while on the other side the woods.

Once you step in, the spacious and warm interiors will create a welcoming and creative atmosphere. The spacious areas will make you feel free and the large windows and high ceilings will make you become a dreamer or will seems to give wings to your desires. Here you can definitely work, relax and feel free to do whatever you want. The natural surrounding landscape will definitely make your working hours pass easier or your relaxing hours become sweeter.

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Although you may think it is small and simple, the modern items are not absent and add more elegance and comfort to this place. The modern fireplace or the bathroom faucet, are just two examples that can show you the elegance and refinement of this studio. All that remains to do is that you try to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and the beauty of such a nice location.



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