Ingenious Billboard House by Apostrophy’s

An ingenious project which represents the combination between O.D.M.(Outdoor Media), the representative of “Capitalism” and “House” is called the “Billboard House” designed by Apostrophy’s and located in Bangkok, Thailand. It was inspired by the progression of capitalism in advertising media and due to its advantages is still used in advertising industrial.

Some of the advantages the Billboard House are: the variety of technique and the variety of O.D.M. size and platform .It represents a spacious, airy industrial living place.

The main component of standard Billboard house is composed by a trailer base as a moveable base for 3 storey house within the billboard structure. For the exterior first side of its façade is composed with trivision billboard. It can change the image on both sides that make it as a kinetic façade create a different pattern on both side of the house. For another side is composed by Thai style blending iron which normally found in house of a big city. The top of the structure is covered with solar cell roof as a main energy source for the house.

The first floor of the house consists of a set of home theater, pantry, bathroom and terrace. The second floor houses the bedroom which has the storage under the bed platform and working area on the mezzanine. Both floors are linked with the stair which utilized underneath space for storage and also a big void to create double volume space and also the set of hydroponic plant on the handrail for the main source of food.{found on archdaily}.

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