Indonesia Playhouse by Aboday Architects

This a top class amazing house with two storeys located in Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang. The house which is a part of 120 type house, restricted by its corner location is spread across 150 square meters out of total space of 320 square meters. It has a simple straight forward look. Bare materials with exposed concrete broken by small glass incisions are worth mentioning. Though the house has a small coverage area, it includes everything. The house boosts 3 enclosed bedrooms, a small library, a well furnished living area and lots of open space.

The entire house was mande from concrete also on wall and rood, because indonesian tropical climate, as this material has been known for trapping heat easily.

The haouse was designed without air conditioning system, and dependent entirely on the opening and incision between walls, windows and roof for fresh air ventilation generated by a series of ceiling fan suspended beneath the concrete roof using a metal rod mechanism.{Aboday Architects }


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