Incredible Restored Cottage by Jacques and Eric Chevalier

People are incredible creative and inventive. They are able to build amazing structures, decorate and restore spaces in an amazing innovative way or mixing all kinds of styles in a harmonious way. Those who are able to do such things are very talented and passionate and express their feelings and views through the result of their creative work.

The architects Jacques and Eric Chevalier made a wonderful job when they decided to restore an old farm located in the French countryside of Province. They managed to preserve the original structure of this building and came with some other modern details as the presence of a swimming pool outside or the interior stairs that appear in the living area.

The combination and predominance of the thick stone walls and the wood elements create a warm and rustic atmosphere. The natural light seems to invade every space of this building and the simplistic way of decorating the interiors seems to be the main style used for this house.The living area was an old wine cellar and now is a large space on two levels separated by a fireplace.

To the north, the blind wall serves as a supporting structure of a double ramp of stairs. To the south, a large opening with iron painted black, bordering with their bows on the inner courtyard where they grow palm trees and flowering plants.

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It is a house which inspires you warm, peacefulness and natural beauty. Here you are able to appreciate more the simplicity of life and the precious moments that can offer you.{found on 1kindesign}



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