Impressive Metropol Parasol in Spain

Metropol Parasol is an impressive, wooden building which takes the structure of a huge waffle. It reminds you of the hot summer days when you try to refresh yourself with a delicious ice-cream covered in a layer of waffle. Summer is the season when everybody searches for various methods of cooling . Some prefer the cool breeze of the sea side, others the cool shade of the forests and mountains or enjoying a delicious waffle in a park with friends.

If you watch Metropol Parasol from the air, you will have the feeling that you are watching at a strange space ship or a prehistoric creature. Besides the huge waffle structure, it has also a strange shape. It is a building designed by J. MAYER H. Architects, located in Spain. It became one of the emblems for Seville city.

Here you will find an archeological site, a farmers’ market, an elevated plaza and many bars and restaurants.If you watch this huge structure, you will also be impressed by its fantastic dimensions: an area of 5, 000 square meters, a floor area of 12,670 square meters, a height of 28, 50 meters and 4 levels.It has also a dizzy price. Its cost is of 90 million Euros.

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