Impressive Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters

This impressive representation of modern architecture is the Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters. The building is located in Budapest, Hungary and it was built in 2010-2011. It was a project by Vikar & Lukacs Architect Studio and the team that made everything possible.

The headquarters sits on a 4,430 square-meter area. It’s a very impressive building, with an amazing architecture. First of all, the shape of the building is odd and uncommon. It was designed as a ribbon that wraps around the office spaces while also articulating the letter “a”. The building has seven levels and it’s located near the Danube bridge. This means it’s a landmark in the area that serves as a point of orientation for the drivers.

The interior of the building is very well organized. There’s a main hall located on the ground floor and a rooftop terrace on the very top of the building, under the arc. The terrace is used for representative meetings. The so called ribbon is about 1 meter thick and it changed widths and deforms as it articulates the loop. The building has metal cladding and glass walls. It also uses geothermal energy and this allowed the architects to free the roof and to maintain it simple, with no technical devices on it.{found on archdaily}

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