Impressive Defense Colony Residence

If you think of the stories of adventure of your childhood you will definitely remind of those brave knights who were traveling a lot, were visiting all sorts of castles or who were trying to conquer their enemy’s fortress. The medieval era is also a period that reminds you of all these things.In New Delhi, India there is an impressive Defense Colony Residence designed by Vir. Mueller architects and which can also remind you of the impressive, resistant buildings of those old times.

Actually, it is a modern house, a residential building which offers a lot of privacy and peaceful moments. It covers a total area of 11,000 square foot and even its materials are derived from tomb and palaces that date from 15th century. Moulded red brick is the main material used for the building which is completed with masonry walls, marble floors and doors and windows made of Teak timber sections and fabricated manually from logs of on the site.

The materials used provide a thermally temperate air in the house so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Inside, there are spacious rooms which lack furniture and you can also admire the narrow interior stairs which take you upstairs and make you feel like you are inside of a high tower. It is a great house which creates you the impression that you are the master of a great castle or fortress.Although Defense Colony Residence looks like a real fortress, it is a hand crafted modern house where you can feel nice and comfortable.{found on archdaily and pics by Andre J. Fanthome}.

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